"...it's crammed full of originality." - PC Format

"The gameplay is outstanding. There is so much going on in the game... " - Gameover.net

Take up your musket or grab a tomahawk in this challenging historical game where role-playing meets real-time strategy.

Grow your character through the American conflicts of the 1700's, learning new skills and acquiring wealth and power, while managing real-time battles and looking after your base, your resources, and your friends.

* The game features over 40 unique characters

* Each character is brought to life with individual speech, skills, and strengths

* Characters can buy or scavenge a multitude of different weapons and items including explosives, blunderbusses, mantraps and tomahawks

* Take part in over 30 strategic missions linked together in the superb campaign mode

* Characters evolve over the course of the war, gaining new strengths and learning new skills

* Features Real-time combat with the tactical depth of a Turn-based game

* Includes an innovative resource management system where the player can acquire wealth using a real time evolving ecosystem with wildlife including: snakes, wolves and eagles

* Intuitive interface and mouse help ensure the player can concentrate on the game-play and not the manual

* Comprehensive in-game tutorial

* Multi-player capability either by 2 player serial-link, head to head modem, 4 player IPX network or TCP/IP Internet connection

Altogether a more human way to command and conquer.