Creating Games Again!

I'm back to making games again! Collaborating with my long time artist Gary Ward. We plan to first revist some of our old titles to bring them up to date so that they can be played again. After that we plan to create some brand new ones.



Excalibur Publishing

For the last 8 years (until March 2014) we've been working with Excalibur Publishing Limited. Our work has been to source a range of products that would give Excalibur Publishing an identity. Although focusing on niche simulation titles Excalibur Publishing has had several titles that have made it into the UK charts including Farming Simulator 2011 from GIANTS and Euro Truck Simulator 2 from SCS Software. Other standout titles include Street Cleaning Simulator. Excalibur Publishing also explored other genres including bringing the amazing multi-genre title Space Rangers from 1C.




In the early part of this decade, we experimented with creating a website to sell original PC titles called PlaceForGames. Titles included Movie Studio Boss and Tactical Soccer.




Back in the 1980's Edward started on the Sinclair Spectrum, graduating up through the Atari ST and Amiga until settling many years ago onto the PC platform. During his career he has designed and coded over twenty strategy games.

Edward founded Edward Grabowski Communications Ltd. in October 1994. Between 1994 and 2000 the company has developed and shipped five original PC titles. That's not including German, Italian, Spanish, French and Japanese versions of the games, and budget releases that see the games still selling some five years after first publication.

Edward started coding and designing games on the Sinclair Spectrum, and then worked his way through the Atari ST and Amiga until settling on the PC. During his career he has designed and coded over twenty strategy games. Edward's work includes:

KENNY DALGLISH SOCCER MANAGER - Cognito 1989 - Number One selling soccer management simulation.

GAZZA'S SUPER SOCCER - Empire 1990 - Edward worked on the Atari and Amiga versions. This was a massive seller, published with a different name licence in many different territories.

RORKE'S DRIFT - Impressions 1990 - The first in Edward's series of innovative real time wargames. A top ten hit in the UK.

MERCHANT COLONY - Impressions 1991 - A real-time game of conquest and exploration set in colonial America.

AIR BUCKS - Impressions 1992 - A classic management game putting the player in charge of running an air line. Nominated, Strategy Game of the Year, by Computer Gaming World.

CONQUEST OF JAPAN - Impressions 1992 - Samurai Army warfare, combining a turn based strategic campaign with real-time tactical battles.

WHEN TWO WORLDS WAR - Impressions 1993 - Warfare and resource management in a war between planets. Includes control by voice recognition!

EDWARD GRABOWSKI'S THE BLUE & THE GRAY - Impressions 1993 - Military simulation covering the whole of the American Civil War. Charted in both the US and the UK, and described in a US review as the best Civil War simulation on the market.