New Titles

Rain of Pumpkins!

We tend to create quite serious simulations but we thought we'd try something a little different, a combination first person collector/match 3 game called Rain of Pumpkins! To see if the world is ready for such a title we've placed it now on Steam's greenlight program!

Tactical Soccer The New Season

Tactical Soccer is a turn-based simulation of the soccer match. You control all 11 players at the same time. So instead of shouting at your left back to ‘get forward’ you control him and can build up an attack exactly how you want. You are the coach and have real control of the team!

Movie Studio Boss: The Sequel

You have just been appointed the head of a new Movie Studio and have been given 10 years to make it the most successful studio around. You are up against seven other computer controlled Studios all trying to be the best Studio in the world.


Games History

Grand Prix World
February 2000
Hasbro Interactive
European Top 10 title


Fields of Fire
September 1998


Grand Prix Manager 2
November 1996
European Top 10 title


Grand Prix Manager
December 1995
European Top 10 title


May 1995


Our Past

D-Day The Beginning of the End

May 1994, Impressions

Military simulation using THE BLUE & THE GRAY system covering the end of World War Two in Europe. Starts with the Normandy landings and continues until you've taken Berlin.

Edward Grabowski's The Blue & The Gray

September 1993, Impressions

Military simulation covering the whole of the American Civil War - from the first shot to the last. Played as a turn based campaign out over a map of the United States, resolving battles using a real-time system. Has charted in both the US and the UK, described in a US review as the best Civil War simulation on the market

When Two Worlds War

June 1993, Impressions

A science fiction conflict, you control an entire planet's military resources in a 'real-time' struggle against a near planet, includes either a turn based or real-time option, facility construction and R&D. Includes control by voice recognition for players owning a sound card with the Aria chipset.

Conquest of Japan

January 1993, Impressions

Military simulation of Samurai Army warfare. A fight for the control of 16th century Japan combining a turn based strategic campaign and real-time tactical battles.

Air Bucks

September 1992, Impressions

Business simulation. You start off with $100,000 and an old Dakota and try to build up an airline to take on the world. Nominated by Computer Gaming World for Strategy Game of the Year.

Great Napoleonic Battles

1992, Impressions

Turn based Hex wargame system. Came with several Napoleonic Battles hence the game's title.

Fort Apache

1992, Impressions

Although the fourth in the real time wargame series, this played quite differently having many RPG elements to it. Set in the old West you train up some new Calvary recuits, while trying to keep the peace.

Charge of the Light Brigade

1991, Impressions

Third in the real time wargame series. Your chance to recreate the heroic charge against the cannons.

Merchant Colony

1991, Impressions

You try and establish a colony in America while building a trade with the homeland - but watch out for pirates in this real-time game of conquest and exploration!


1991, Impressions

Second in the real time wargames series. Your chance to command the soldiers of Rome.

Rorke's Drift

1990, Impressions

The first in my series of innovative real time wargames (in all I've done seven). Like the film Zulu you defend Rorke's Drift against over 5,000 Zulu's! Reached the top ten in the UK.

Gazza's Super Soccer

1990, Empire

I worked on the Atari and Amiga versions. This was a massive seller, published in many territories with different licences - the Swedish version had Anders Limpar!

SuperLeague Soccer

1990, Impressions

Stats heavy soccer management game.

Emperor of the Mines

1990, Impressions

Science Fiction strategy game where you have to mine for resources while avoiding conquest from your enemy.

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager

1989, Cognito

Number one selling soccer management simulation.