Rain of Pumpkins

What's It About!
It's a first person collector! The game plays like a first person shooter but the purpose is to collect things namely pumpkins!

Promo Trailer
Here's a reworked version of our gameplay trailer. It's a homage to those classic sci-fi trailers of the 50s and 60s!

The Game
Set in a town populated by skeletons, your task is to gather pumpkins hurled at the town by the local witch. Deliver them to your local chefs at the mills to make pies and earn points. Perform well and the witch will leave you alone - that's until the next full moon!

Game Play
The pumpkins have to be collected (you can carry 5 at a time) and delivered to the chefs at the mills.

The pumpkins come in three colours and three sizes. You'll get more points for blue than red pumpkins and even more points for the yellow. Red pumpkins have to be delivered to the red chef, blue pumpkins to the blue and yellow to the yelllow chef.

The larger the pumpkin the more points you'll get - but the larger they are the heavier they are and you'll move slower.

Plus you'll get bonus scores if you collect pumpkins in batches of the same colour (three or more). So collecting pumpkins in the order; red, red, red, blue and yellow gives you a higher score than a red, blue, red, yellow, red collection.

When you deliver your pumpkins to each chef you will get bonus points. The chefs will start to work making pies. Once a pie has been made you can visit the chef to pick them up. You can use these pies to buy stuff to help you get your job done!

Each level you will be set a target, which could be a set number of red, blue or yellow pumpkins, and/or a set number of points. Plus the witch is impatient and each level you are up against the clock!

Pumpkins tend to go off quite quickly and burst! This means you'll have less pumpkins to pick up - which might mean you can't complete the level! Also if you happen to be near a pumpkin when it bursts you'll get splattered which will slow you down! (Hint: visit the doc at the hospital to get fixed up).

The Town
If you've got some pies you can go over to the townsfolk and they will exchange your pies for stuff that might help you:
Gym - gain strength (for a short while). This will enable you to carry those heavy pumpkins.
Shoe shop - buy some running shoes which will let you move faster (until they wear out)
Saloon - take your chance at spinning the wheel with the chance of winning more pies!
Marketplace - acquire a compass from the pirate. You'll find that it points to the nearest pumpkin.
Old Father Time - visit them near the cemetery and you'll get more time to complete the level.
Blacksmith - he can provide you with a helmet which will provide you protection from pumpkin splats.
Voodoo - special charm that slows down time!
Hospital - visit the doc to get healed.
Mitten Shop - buy a mitten - very useful as some pumpkins sent down are on fire! Without flame proof mittens you won't be able to pick them up!

The Town has a rat problem - watch out as those critters have a habit of getting in your way and messing with your pumpkins!

Your Aim!
How to Win just meet the level target! How to Lose - the clock reaches zero and the game is over. Never fear you can repeat the level (and you'll get some extra time to do it in).

Delivering Pumpkins
Just go up to a chef and they will take all the pumpkins that match their colour.

Collecting Pies
Just go up to a chef and they will give you any pies they've made. Note the windmill spins faster if there are pies to pick up.

Endless Levels
The first levels will introduce the rules/elements that make up the game. After that you get over 80 pre-defined levels before the game goes into endless mode - producing random levels!

Game Controls
Same as a first person shooter. WASD to move around Mouse to steer Jump is available.

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How do I play in Fullscreen?
On the main screen press the graphics button and then click the arrows to change Fullscreen from Off to On. Press Apply to make the change.

The play area is quite small - how do I change the game's screen resolution?
On the main screen press the graphics button and then click the arrows to change the resolution. Press Apply to make the change.

The game runs a little slow for me, any advice?
On the main screen press the graphics button and then click the arrows to change the quality. Press Apply to make the change.

Fastest will run the game the fastest but the visual quality will drop (for example the objects will not cast any shadows). You have several steps up to Fantastic which is only for the most powerful computers.

I'm playing with a controller and the controls are too sensitive?
On the main screen press the Controller button and then click the arrows to change the sensitivity. Press OK to make the change.

What's Party Play about?
Rain of Pumpkins is a single player game but you can take turns playing against others. In Party Play you choose one of the game's levels and up to 4 players take turns playing that level. The highest points score wins!

Hint: you might get a higher score if you hold off completing the level and just let the time run out, spend the extra time collecting more pumpkins!

Thanks for reading!