"For the die-hard F1 nut, Grand Prix Manager is obviously the bees' knees... the best Grand Prix Management sim available." - PC Zone

"All in all, this is a hard-core management game, but the satisfaction you get when one of your cars makes it into the points is worth the learning curve." - PC Format

This is the ultimate Grand Prix management simulation, putting you right where you want to be - at the sharp end of the most exciting, dangerous, multi-million pound sport in the world

You have total control of every aspect of managing and developing a world famous, world-beating racing team through a massive 40 season campaign. You call the shots, overseeing everything from the design of your own customised cars to making the essential sponsorship deals that keep you in profit - and on the track.

* Fine tune your car for optimum performance - both inside and out - from the gear box, suspension and steering systems to the tyre pressure, nose, side pods and wings

* Hire the best design, engineering and mechanical specialists in the business; profit from the commercial spin doctors who keep that vital sponsorship rolling in. Negotiate for the best drivers in the world.

* Carry out innovative research and development, build your own facilities - including wind tunnels, CAD/CAM networks and testing rigs - and 'poach' key staff from your competitors

And then there's the race itself.

* Define your drivers' strategy for any one of the 16 major international circuits - stay safe to preserve fuel and tyres? Drive sensibly or aggressively? Or just go for it?

The decisions are yours, but the result is already a dead cert - Grand Prix Manager puts you in the hot seat from start to finish.

Grand Prix Manager is the most fun you can have in Formula One without driving the car!